Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Tilting at windmills?

Throughout my crawling across the internet, I've come across a LOT of Blur recordings that people have that I'd love to get my hands on to add to the band's history, the book, and eventually share out. However, a lot of these are old postings on message boards or trade lists going back as far as 1995! And of course most of the webpage and email addresses bounce or are no longer active. These are the shows I have been passionately pursuing in this regard:

7/1/97 NYC (was available for download from the taper in 1997, webpage is down)

9/3/93 Glasgow
12/4/93 Philadelphia
6/10/95 Milan
10/3/95 Chicago
11/4/95 Tokyo
1/27/96 Portland (full show)
2/6/96 Atlanta
3/18/96 Hannover
5/26/97 Tokyo (all of these were for sale from a fellow in 1998, email address bounces)

8/8/97 Portugal (email address of taper bounces)

There are also numerous ones with active webpages/email addresses who never reply, including

3/30/90 London
1/27/96 Portland (full show)
3/18/96 Hannover
6/26/97 Chicago (fellow was replying to me but haven't heard back in a while)
8/26/99 (currently in talks to get this...)
6/20/03 Seattle (taper is going to send it to me in a bit)
6/21/03 Vancouver (taper hasn't responded)
11/3/03 Madrid (taper hasn't responded)
11/9/03 Vienna (taper hasn't responded)
11/12/03 Milan (taper hasn't responded)
6/24/09 Wolverhampton (full show, in talks with taper)
6/26/09 Manchester (full show, in talks with taper)

It can get awfully frustrating, but hopefully the "three P's" (see post below) will pay off!!

And of course, if you have any of these PLEASE CONTACT ME PRIVATELY IMMEDIATELY...your correspondence will remain confidential.

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