Friday, November 27, 2009

Blur: No Distance Left to Run in UK (January 2010)

Blur's carrer-spanning documentary, No Distance Left to Run, is due to be released in cinemas in the UK in January 2010. The trailer can be seen HERE.

Besides being mega excited for the obvious reasons of being a maniacal fan of the band, I'm also excited as I was able to contribute in my own small way to this by donating material and doing some research for the film, so I'm proud, in a way, that I could give back to my favorite band. Plus, it looks like it's going to be bloody marvelous!


  1. Looks great. May I ask what exactly you contributed in the way of material, or is that top secret? You did well to keep this a secret for so long - even though we were all bugging you about it. Ha!

    You gonna be able to see this, being in the States and all? Flying over to the UK, or are they sending you a copy on DVD?

  2. I contributed some live audio and I did a bunch of research digging up tour dates, finding people who were at specific gigs, memorabilia, etc...

    There's no way I could make it to the UK unless they sent me a plane $$ and no time! I hope to get a DVD one way or another (they told me I'll be listed in the credits so I'd hope to at least get a complimentary DVD out of it, but we shall see...:-) ) I'll buy one if they release it complimentary, anyway!

  3. Man, I just wanted to say that I never thought I would live to see a Blur archivist. What you are doing is absolutely 100% made of pure awesomeness. I ordered your book right now. I would love to have something to contribute but you seem to have a lot more stuff than I do :)

    Thanks for compiling all this information. I'm a huge Blur fan (I even bought the internet domain "", of Brazil) and I've always tried to organize information of the bootlegs I've downloaded but never managed to do that right. I can't wait for the book. :D

  4. Hey Ultranol, thanks for the kind words! I hope you enjoy the book, let me know when you get it what you think! Would you like to do a link exchange, too? Let me know

    I worked on the book for 6 could say I'm a little obsessed! :-)