Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Potential new recordings...

This is a list of shows where I am actually in contact/actively trying to contact the people (sometimes the taper themselves) who has the show:

3/30/90 London
3/18/96 Hannover
1/27/96 Portland (full show)
6/26/97 Chicago
3/30/99 New York
4/1/99 Los Angeles
8/26/99 London
11/3/03 Madrid
11/9/03 Vienna
11/22/03 Glasgow
6/24/09 Wolverhampton (full show)
6/26/09 Manchester (full show)

Stay tuned and wish me luck!


  1. cool. if you need any help with the Hannover-one (maybe the trader is German?) contact me via the forum. cheers, Liese

  2. Thanks, will do if he ever responds!