Thursday, December 8, 2011

More Blur News...More Early Christmas Gifts for Fans!

After months and months of NO news, all of a sudden a flurry of Blur activity.  Damon mentioned some time ago they'd like to tour the USA again, Alex says in an interview a few days ago that they'll most likely record after Christmas, the Blur website is getting a design overhaul today, there's now an official Twitter account to go along with their official Facebook page, and now, Blur will be awarded a "lifetime achievement"-type award at the Brit Awards next year.

There's already speculation as to which songs (and how many) they'll play at the ceremony.

But what it's all adding up to is that something is afoot for big and what it is is still a mystery, but this can only be good news for Blur fans, so stay tuned!

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

New Alex James interview...

On today...the headline is what'll grab you:

'Blur are meeting up over Christmas – and we'll probably record again' 

 It's actually a pretty poor interview in and of itself, but some interesting tidbits. I think the momentum is building and it's only a matter of time before 2012 will see SOMETHING come out of the Blur camp, whether it's a new album, EP, single, tour, festival appearance(s), something.  It makes too much sense *NOT* to happen in 2012.  Gorillaz is done, Graham's got his newest album ready for release (whenever that'll be), Alex is still a cheesemaking farmer, and Dave is still involved with politics and running for MP as it pops up in London.

 Something new from Blur in 2012 would just feel *right*, in my opinion...

(Did anyone else cringe when Alex made the "getting the Blues Brothers back together" analogy?)

Monday, December 5, 2011

What Might 2012 Bring?

As we get closer to 2012, all is still quiet (non-existent?) on the Blur front.  No news of anything potentially happening, other than Damon casually mentioning in an interview last month that they'd like to do another tour of America (Yes, PLEASE!).

So I ask you, my fellow Blur fanatics...what do you hope for and expect in 2012 from Blur?

I hope for a new album and world tour. Realistically, however, I'm expecting, at most, a one-off single or EP and a gig or two, probably at large festivals or for some benefit, in London (the Olympics?).  And even that might be hoping for too much.

What say you?