Thursday, November 5, 2009

The Preservation Project

After thinking it over for a long while, I've decided that when I have the extra money, I'm going to invest in an external hard drive (1TB or so). Not only to back up the personal data my wife and I have, but my goal is to put all 225 (and counting) Blur shows on it to preserve them digitally as flac files. Right now everything is on CDR and arranged chronologically, but it will be great to have them backed up and preserved for years to come in a digital format.

I take it very seriously to preserve their live history, as I consider them to be one of the best bands of the last 20 years and akin to the Beatles in cultural impact and importance (except for in the USA, although they do have a dedicated and hardcore cult following here).


  1. Great idea. Since you seem to have the largest collection of live Blur material, backing them up time and time again is a must.

    PS I got my copy of Black Book the other day. Great job, man!

  2. On the preservation, I'd like to do it to preserve it for eternity (or as long as it lasts!) Thanks for the kind words on the book! Why not write a review for it on Amazon?