Tuesday, November 10, 2009

COMPLETE list of known uncirculating live recordings as of 11/10/2009

Here is the COMPLETE list, accurate as of today, for all of the KNOWN CONFIRMED Blur live recordings that are not currently in general circulation:

3/30/90 Falcon, Camden, London
5/29/93 University, Manchester
9/3/93 Barrowlands, Glasgow
10/4/93 Queen’s Hall, Bradford
10/25/93 Vaartkapoen, Brussels
12/4/93 Theatre of the Living Arts, Philadelphia
5/16/94 Plaza, Glasgow
5/19/94 Academy, Manchester
9/19/94 Masquerade, Atlanta
9/24/94 The Palace, Los Angeles
9/25/94 The Fillmore, San Francisco
5/21/95 Molson Amphitheatre, Toronto
6/10/95 Sonoria Festival, Milan
10/3/95 Metro, Chicago
11/4/95 Festival Hall, Osaka
1/26/96 Moe’s, Seattle
1/27/96 La Luna, Portland (full show)
2/6/96 Cotton Club, Atlanta
2/26/96 Aqualung, Madrid (full show)
3/18/96 Capitol, Hannover, Germany
5/26/97 Budokan, Tokyo
6/10/97 Electric Factory, Philadelphia
6/18/97 Showbox, Seattle
6/22/97 Ogden Theatre, Denver
6/24/97 The Rave, Milwaukee
6/26/97 Riviera, Chicago
6/27/97 Clutch Cargos, Detroit
7/1/97 K-Rock Dysfunctional Family Picnic, New York City
8/8/97 Sudoeste Festival, Portugal
9/13/97 Orpheum, Boston (w/soundcheck)
11/8/97 MBK Hall, Bangkok
3/30/99 Roseland Ballroom, NYC
4/1/99 Mayan Theatre, LA
6/20/99 Heineken Music Festival, Imola, Italy
7/31/99 Fuji Rock Festival, Japan (full show)
8/26/99 Goldsmiths College, London
8/28/99 Leeds Festival
11/18/99 Metrolpolitan Theatre, Mexico City (full show)
11/21/99 Credit Card Hall, Sao Paulo, Brazil (full show)
11/23/99 Metropolitan, Rio De Janeiro, Brazil
6/20/03 Showbox, Seattle
6/21/03 Vogue Theatre, Vancouver, Canada
7/23/03 Metropolis, Montreal
7/24/03 Theatre of Living Arts, Philadelphia
7/26/03 Tabernacle, Atlanta
10/13/03 Circus, Stockholm
11/3/03 Riviera, Madrid, Spain
11/9/03 Gasometer, Vienna, Austria
11/22/03 Barrowlands, Glasow
11/28/03 Apollo, Manchester
6/24/09 Civic Hall, Wolverhampton, England (full show)
6/26/09 MEN, Manchester, England (full show)

As you can see, this is a *HUGE* list!!

I've contacted the tapers/collectors who have all of these shows. Some of them I am currently in the process of obtaining, others I am wrangling with the holders, and others I am waiting to hear back.

For me, it's shocking that so many new recordings of Blur exist (and I'm sure there are LOADS more out there) and are not generally available. All of these were listed by people on their trade lists, so it's not as if they are hiding the fact that they have them (they are not hoarding)...these were clearly listed as "FOR TRADE". However, the fact that these are difficult to find, let alone get copies of, is amazing. I wonder why this is? My guess is there is not a huge demand for live Blur and thus these end up buried in boxes in people's houses or on seldom seen trade lists.

I will continue my work in trying to obtain copies of these shows and sharing them with the fan community. In the meantime, if anyone reading this has any of these or knows someone who has any of these, please contact me (my email address is in my profile, found on the right side of this page). Your correspondence will be kept completely confidential.

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