Friday, November 20, 2009

SHOW: Roxy Theatre, Los Angeles November 14, 1991

Here's a nice little free noontime concert Blur put on in 1991 during their first visit to America. Very energetic and nice to listen to. Enjoy!


  1. I remember they played the Backdoor in San Diego either the night before or after. 1992 came back to SoCal and played two free shows in San Diego. One 4 song set at Off the Record and a set at UCSD. Ended with Explain.

  2. 1993 they came back down to play the Whiskey, but were postponed out of San Fran. So they played the next night and called off the show in San Diego. Can't remember what the club was called, but it was in Ocean Beach about 200 yards from my house. Still have my t-shirt from the show. Front says blur and the bck just a big 93