Thursday, December 3, 2009

SHOW: Kilburn National, London October 24, 1991

Here is a *blistering* live set from 1991, with a stunning version of Oily Water as one of the highlights. Great sound quality, and played on my wife's 13th birthday, so it's a little extra-special for me. Enjoy!


  1. wow! One of the best shows I've heard from 1991. Was this a radio broadcast?

    and great job on the site. I'm a long-time fan from the U.S. that saw the band throughout the 90s. First show was NYC 11/91.

  2. This was actually filmed and broadcast on UK TV back in the day!

    Thanks for the kind words! I always like to hear from big Blur fans...could you contact me privately (my email address is in my profile, at the right) so I could pick your brain for Blur concert memories? :-)

    And I have to ask, do you have any live recordings we could trade?

  3. Hellos everyone
    If anyone has a recording of the oct. 6 1997 show in Tempe AZ.
    I would love a copy of it. I was at this show and had recorded it myself with my DAT recorder but the tape got messed up. I also am looking for The mercury cafe show in denver 1996 let me know :-)thanks

    1. Jesse, sorry for the late response. I've got both of those shows, the Tempe one sounds kind of crappy but it's got an interesting surprise or two in the set. I will queue them up for uploads soon!