Thursday, January 7, 2010

TOUR REVIEW: the short MLIR Promo Tour of December 1993

At the end of 1993, Blur undertook a short promotional tour of the USA to promote the recently released (in America) Modern Life is Rubbish. This was a very short tour consisting of the following dates:

November 1993:

26th - Bimbo's 365, San Francisco, California, USA
28th - Whiskey A Go-Go, Los Angeles, California, USA
30th - Cabaret Metro, Chicago, Illinois, USA

December 1993:

2nd - Opera House, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
3rd - Irving Plaza, New York, City, New York, USA
4th - Theatre of Living Arts, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA
7th - Paradise, Boston, Massachusetts, USA

The sole recording available from this tour is the Philadelphia show (kindly sent to me by the taper...many thanks!).

The set list was the same as on the preceding UK and European tours of October/November:

Colin Zeal
Sunday Sunday
Pressure On Julian
She's So High
There's No Other Way
Oily Water
Bank Holiday
Girls & Boys
Chemical World
Commercial Break
Daisy Bell
For Tomorrow

No surprises in the set, but judging from the Philly tape, the crowds weren't as into this new British direction (at least at first) as other countries were...Damon has to yell at them to show some enthusiasm about halfway through the show! And they are utterly baffled by Daisy Bell (unsurprising...I don't imagine too many Americans are into English Music Hall!)

Still, it's an interesting little tour and I'd love to hear some other recordings from it...if anyone out there has some, contact me privately.

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  1. The opening band for some, if not all, of these dates was Drop Nineteens - perhaps a former member might have recordings of these dates.

    I saw this tour's Chicago show - the Metro is smaller than The Vic (where the '92 show was) and so the sound was much better. I distinctly remember Damon 'invoking a whirling dervish' (his words) during 'Commercial Break' and the crowd thoroughly enjoying 'Chemical World' which wasn't getting too much play on local radio.