Tuesday, January 5, 2010

My New Year's Wish List

Below is the CURRENT list of *KNOWN* Blur live recordings I am actively looking for (please note this list does NOT contain "Holy Grail" recordings, such as a complete version of Glastonbury 2009 or the Gimme Shelter NME gig from 1992...these are the CONFIRMED KNOWN recordings):

3/30/90 Falcon, Camden, London
5/19/93 Washington Heights, Reading
5/29/93 University, Manchester
10/4/93 Queen’s Hall, Bradford
10/25/93 Vaartkapoen, Brussels
5/16/94 Plaza, Glasgow

5/19/94 Academy, Manchester
9/19/94 Masquerade, Atlanta
9/24/94 The Palace, Los Angeles
9/25/94 The Fillmore, San Francisco
6/10/95 Sonoria Festival, Milan
10/3/95 Metro, Chicago
11/4/95 Festival Hall, Osaka
1/26/96 Moe’s, Seattle
1/27/96 La Luna, Portland (full show)

2/26/96 Aqualung, Madrid (full show)
3/18/96 Capitol, Hannover, Germany
5/26/97 Budokan, Tokyo

6/10/97 Electric Factory, Philadelphia
6/18/97 Showbox, Seattle
6/22/97 Ogden Theatre, Denver
6/24/97 The Rave, Milwaukee
6/26/97 Riviera, Chicago
6/27/97 Clutch Cargos, Detroit
8/8/97 Sudoeste Festival, Portugal
9/13/97 Orpheum, Boston (w/soundcheck)

11/8/97 MBK Hall, Bangkok
12/12/97 Brixton Academy, London, England
3/30/99 Roseland Ballroom, NYC
4/1/99 Mayan Theatre, LA
6/20/99 Heineken Music Festival, Imola, Italy
7/31/99 Fuji Rock Festival, Japan (full show)
8/26/99 Goldsmiths College, London
8/28/99 Leeds Festival, England

11/18/99 Metrolpolitan Theatre, Mexico City (full show)
11/21/99 Credit Card Hall, Sao Paulo, Brazil (full show)
11/23/99 Metropolitan, Rio De Janeiro, Brazil
6/20/03 Showbox, Seattle
6/21/03 Vogue Theatre, Vancouver, Canada

7/23/03 Metropolis, Montreal, Canada
7/24/03 Theatre of the Living Arts, Philadelphia
7/26/03 Tabernacle, Atlanta
10/13/03 Circus, Stockholm (full show)
11/3/03 Riviera, Madrid, Spain
11/9/03 Gasometer, Vienna, Austria
11/22/03 Barrowlands, Glasow
6/24/09 Civic Hall, Wolverhampton, England (full show)
6/26/09 MEN, Manchester, England (full show)
7/12/09 T in the Park Festival, Scotland (full show)

The shows in bold font are ones where I am either in contact with the tapers/collectors or attempting to contact them. For many of these, talks are in progress, and for others, I'm still tilting at windmills...the hunt goes on!! My New Year's goal is to obtain most, if not all, of the shows indicated in bold font...a tall order, I know, but one I am going to attempt in any event!

Does anyone out there have any of these? If so (or if you have any others) please contact me privately! And thanks in advance!

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