Tuesday, April 13, 2010

SHOW: Monash University, Melbourne, Australia November 1, 1997

Here is one of only two known recordings from Blur's sole Australian tour in 1997. This is an excellent quality soundboard recording, and the show is one of the best from 1997. Enjoy this one, and turn it up loud!!



  1. Ah excellent, thank you very much. I already have Death of a Party from this gig. I look forward to hearing the rest!

  2. Enjoy this...it's one of my favorite Blur concerts to listen to!

  3. thank you very much for that awesome share!

  4. Excellent live recording!
    I love the sound clarity Badhead, Death of a party and Girls And Boys. I love the bass solo of Alex and flanger effects of Graham's guitar on "Girls and Boys. " "Death of a Party" sounds like the album. Y "Badhead" always makes me want to light a lighter, it sounds so clear. Thank you very much for sharing this wonderful material!