Tuesday, October 27, 2009

RECORDING SPOTLIGHT: Molson Amphitheatre, Toronto May 21, 1995

The first known recording of an uncirculating blur show I'm going to post on is one of my "Holy Grails", Blur's show at the Molson Amphitheatre in Toronto, Canada (picture at left) on May 21, 1995. Also on the bill were Ned's Atomic Dustbin and Our Lady Peace. This was part of the annual Edgefest festival for 1995. The date is often mistakenly listed as May 12 (an error on blur's official gigography, as well as in my book, I'm afraid!) but the correct date is indeed May 21, 1995.

This is an unusual show for a few reasons. It's the only North American show from early 1995 (blur wouldn't return to begin their US/Canadian tour until September 1995), and it has all the hallmarks of a warm-up show, especially since they previewed songs from the upcoming Great Escape album, including Country House, Globe Alone, and Stereotypes. In addition, it has a fascinating and unique set list:

Supa Shoppa
Come Together
Tracy Jacks
End Of A Century
Country House
Magic America
Trouble In The Message Centre
Globe Alone
To The End
Girls & Boys
Bank Holiday
This Is A Low

I've highlighted the real oddities in the set. Come Together is a surprise, as is the last time Trouble in the Message Centre must have ever been played live. Starting the show with Supa Shoppa is also pretty weird. All in all, this show has all the attributes of a warm-up show during a transitionary period (bridging the Parklife and Great Escape eras onstage). These "in-between" shows are always the most interesting for me to listen to (some of my favorite concerts are from 1996, as well as mid-1992 to late 1993).

I have come across a listing on the internet of a fellow who recorded this show, although the posting has not been updated since 1996! I've taken down his name (he will remain anonymous) and would like to contact him. I'm hoping someday this recording will become available so we can listen to it, enjoy it, and study it.

If you have a copy or know someone who does, would you please be so kind as to contact me at dkathans@gmail.com? Your correspondence will of course remain confidential.

EDIT: There may be a bit of a breakthrough here, as I think I've gotten in touch with a taper...stay tuned...


  1. i've never knew abt this show, it's amazing
    the fact they had put Suppa Shoppa as a intro

  2. Yes, and everything about it seems so interesting. I'm hoping to eventually contact the fellow who taped it!

  3. I was there! And don't forget Elastica was also on the bill!