Saturday, June 22, 2013

VIDEO: Blur live at Provinnsirock Festival, Finland June 14, 2013

I found a copy of an audience-shot video of ~60% of the show...I've uploaded it for you all, so go HERE to download it.

While the press said that Blur were the highlight of the festival and they sound in fine form, it's jarring how thin the crowd are in the video! It's especially crazy when contrasted to the mad crowd when they played the same festival in 1999.

In any event, enjoy!


  1. is it possible to get this gig in audio ?

    1. I haven't seen a recording of it yet, just this video. I'm on the lookout for an audio boot, though!

  2. how do i download. no option on the mega site ?

  3. There's a download option after you click the link. I just tried it from 2 different computers and it worked just fine.

  4. Folks, i've done a audio(wav) from original mov files, my cous will do today some EQ = reduce the bass a lot as dave's bass drum swallows some of the tunes. I will upload it to zomb.

  5. That'll be great, thanks!

  6. Blur - 2013-06-14 Provinssirock festival (audio)

    Source: Original MOV files -> WAV -> Flac
    Sound Quality: Various, very good in best parts A/A-/B+
    Taper: Wiltteri
    Comment: This is upgrade to video version. Bass is too strong in some songs, the middle frequencies boost aka cleaning made the other instruments & vocals louder and clearer.
    The lowest bass frequencies has been reduced a little too.
    I left "other way" & "tomorrow" out because they are so short ones.

    01. Intro – Theme from retro
    02. Girls & Boys
    03. Popscene
    04. Beetlebum
    05. Out of time
    06. Trimm trabb
    07. Caramel
    08. Tender
    09. Parklife
    10. This is a low
    11. Under the westway
    12. The Universal
    13. Song 2