Monday, June 24, 2013

AUDIO: Live at Provinnsirock Festival, Finland June 14, 2013

Here's an upgraded audio rip of the video I posted earlier this week. Thanks to Ville for preparing and sharing this!



  1. my blur tube playlist, the moscow 2003 ones are fooking great. first 5 are upgrade audio from provinssi with pictures from the show.

  2. Is the link expired already?
    I really need to check this site more often than once a month. B)

    1. Looks like it's down (I think they only host the link for 2 weeks). I'll try to re-do it when I get a chance.

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  4. Thanks a lot! I just listening Blur's song in recent months, and I want found more gig(show) and audio. So I search them, And now I'm here! But you're gig link is almost dead.. I thnik it's too late to found your blog. ;( can't you re-uproad any gig please? or, can you sent email for me? My email is here. I know my english is really bad. I'm sorry, cause I don't live the English speaking world.