Tuesday, December 14, 2010

SHOW: Music Hall, Cologne, Germany June 16, 1993

Here's Blur's show from Cologne, Germany in 1993. Great show, nice sound, and it's always nice to hear something from 1993, when everything started clicking for Blur and they were on their way to the top. Enjoy!



  1. I LOVE this concert. :D
    funny & sad at the same time, because the Duran Duran fans are (most of them) TOTALLY irresponsive, the girls look SO deadpan. ("This must be Torture!")
    Graham jumping to high
    Damon doing some promotion and wanting money fo it ;)
    Damon speaking german :D
    Great show, but I've made my version with youtube, did you also? , because it is said that Pospcene is missing and a piece of Intermission is cut. And I doubt the "wonderful audience" (well so guys seems to enjoy it ) got to make a live bootleg...? ;)

  2. Yep, this is a great one! I got this on a cassette from a trade YEARS ago so I'm not sure of the source, but it's a fantastic show.

  3. Thanks!!! Track list anyone?

  4. look at Veikko's webpage he's got a massive gigography repertoire

  5. Yeah, Veikko's has the tracklist, for sure.