Friday, June 11, 2010

SHOW: Brixton Academy, London December 11, 1997

In keeping with the most recent article on Blur's 1997 UK Winter tour, here is the second London show and the first show at Brixton Academy, broadcast on BBC Radio 1. A great show in soundboard quality, and this is the rare complete version (most versions of this broadcast are missing a few songs)...enjoy!


  1. that good ... grasias for uploading ... I was looking for
    ammm ...
    please add my blog
    I'm adding quite all blur orderly collection
    gorillaz graham coxon, etcetcetc
    Damon Albarn
    until then from PERU
    CHAU ...

  2. Hi Dr Blur

    I posted a comment a couple months ago about the Blur gig from the Hippodrome concert '99, where they played 13 live in its entirety. I have to be cheeky and beg that once you have time, as well as that one, can you also reupload this one?!

    I have a bootleg of it, and while the quality is great, it's missing a few tracks, including - crucially - Swallows in the Heatwave. This was such a great gig, so glad I got to go to it. Best version of Death of a Party ever, in my opinion. Great work on the Black Book 2, by the way. I loved the first one!

  3. Hi Guillaume, yes I got that comment, too :) Right now I'm not going to be uploading (or re-uploading) anything until I am finished with the book and the everything surrounding it. Which means that after the New Year, in ealry 2013, I'll be able to return to posting content here. Hope you understand!

    And thanks for the kind words on the books...hope you enjoy the new one!

  4. Thanks for your reply - totally understandable. Look forward to more uploads soon. And thanks again for this excellent site.

    1. You're welcome...and thanks for understanding!