Friday, October 4, 2013

No News Is No News

I apologize for how quiet it's been on this site...with Blur playing the same setlist night after night, festival after festival, and no gigs since early September, there's really not much to write about. Even with more festivals coming up in the next several weeks and into early 2014, I'm afraid that if I'm to be honest, I have zero interest in what they're doing right now. While I am happy that fans around the world who have never gotten the chance to see them live are getting to do so now, it doesn't interest me beyond that. Add on top of that very busy commitments in my personal and work life, and I don't have a lot of impetus or material to add to this site at the moment.

That does NOT mean I'm going away...if I had the time and resources, I would share more music here, as well as other ideas I have. I'll continue to try and find the time for that, but right now it's got to take a backburner. I will still try to update regularly, though, so please do continue to visit.

On a side note, I've been writing more on my personal webpage, including book reviews, and if you want to read more of my writing, Blur-related and otherwise, please come have a look!

Thanks and please feel free to comment below and discuss this with me. Have you lost interest in Blur at the moment, too?


  1. Know exactly what you're saying and agree. It's great they're taking the show to fans the world over but in this day and age where every concert can be read about and often downloaded online (often with thanks to your good self) it would have been nice for them to vary the setlist a bit. It was so good to hear London Loves live after so long. How about some other gems like Starshaped, Trailor Park, Country Sad Ballad Man, to pick a few at random. Here's hoping for some good news soon re that alleged new single recorded in HK!

    Now that things have quietened down a bit on this site for you, any chance you might be able to re-upload a few concerts on the archive? One I'd just love is the '99 one at the Hippodrome where they played 13 in full. Keep up the good work as always

  2. Hi Guillaume, thanks for the comment, and I totally agree that the fact that they're playing is great, but the lack of variety and the (seeming) total absence of any desire to make new music really dampen it for it, personally.

    I will definitely try to re-upload some of those shows...I've been so busy with life, work, and getting my personal blog (with book reviewing a side gig now) off the ground ( that I've neglected sharing audio here. I hope to get back to that soon, and I'll put that '99 show you've requested at the top of the list! :)