Friday, May 10, 2013

New Album from Hong Kong?

The big news from this week is that onstage in Hong Kong, Damon told the crowd that since their Japanese and Tapei gigs got cancelled, they may spend the free week recording a new album. See the video in this article for the actual quote:

Or if you just want to see the video:

What do you think? Are you getting your hopes up, or being a bit cynical and skeptical (like me) that this is just Damon saying another thing that ends up not happening? What do you think? Either way, it's made for some interesting debate!


  1. Even if a new album won't come, i think we're gonna hear some new music this year or next, wich is already great! But, personally i think that a new album will come, sooner or later. =D

  2. Damon did say a new record, he didn't specify if it would be an Album/EP or Single. It's difficult to understand if he meant they are just gonna kick some ideas about for a possible future release or if they have songs written/finished that they plan to record. It's difficult to read to much into Damons interviews/comments esp. when hes high. Until i have a CD in front of me i will remain sceptical.

  3. @CJG1983

    I'm with you, excited but cautious and wary and skeptical. I'll believe it when I actually hear something in the way of a song.