Saturday, March 16, 2013

Set List From Last Night

The first gig of 2013 was last night, and as expected (but still disappointing), it was the same set as last year (apart from bringing There's No Other Way back and dropping The Puritan)

  1. Encore:
    How do you feel about this? Pleased? Disappointed?


  1. Well, it's a good set to introduce people to the band, but if i was them:

    I would drop Advert, Tender, and Jubilee in exchange for Coping, Good Song, and Swamp Song. It would be cool if they played a medley of Girls and Boys and Entertain Me! (Other tracks for consideration: Wear Me Down, Miss America, Stereotypes, Country Sad Ballad Man, and Brothers and Sisters)

  2. I seriously doubt they would drop Tender nowdays. Not really suprising that its the same set when its just a continuation from last years tour. It would be nice to hear Swamp Song, Coping and some other think tank songs though.

  3. Oh yeah, no way they drop Tender, EVER!

    Not to sound negative, but this year's shows will require very little work from the band if they just play festivals with (basically) the same set as last year, give or take switching the order of a few numbers around. That seems to be the way they like it now, so I don't see anything changing much, if at all, this year. I'd love to be proven wrong, though!