Monday, March 19, 2012

Music is My Radar...but it's not my job

I'll warn you right now that this is not meant to be a cranky post complaining about stuff...I don't want this to sound like me bitching and whining, and I'm willing to concede that sometimes things come across on the Internet or in typed text differently than perhaps they were intended, but I've been getting a bit irritated lately at how some people just expect me to devote all my time to this site and especially to uploading music.  I will say that 99% of fellow fans I've interacted with here, on Facebook or Twitter, email, or the Blur forum (where I'm a mod if you didn't know) have been awesome and very thankful and very friendly and generous in their own ways.  But there are a small handful of people who act as though I'm "not doing my job" because it takes me so long for to upload music here, or in the recent cases, to fix a link that got messed up (see the post below).  I get it that we're all diehard fans, and i am just as obsessive as the next guy.  But I've got a wife, 4 kids, a house, a 50+ hour-a-week job, friends, and a LIFE outside of being a massive Blur fan and running these pages and working on the book. I don't get paid for any of this stuff; I do it because I enjoy doing it and I enjoy making other fans happy, sharing the music and love of Blur, writing about's really a labor of love.  So for the 99% of you who are awesome, keep on coming back and interacting! And for the rest of you, a "thank you" every once and a while would be nice...

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