Wednesday, December 7, 2011

New Alex James interview...

On today...the headline is what'll grab you:

'Blur are meeting up over Christmas – and we'll probably record again' 

 It's actually a pretty poor interview in and of itself, but some interesting tidbits. I think the momentum is building and it's only a matter of time before 2012 will see SOMETHING come out of the Blur camp, whether it's a new album, EP, single, tour, festival appearance(s), something.  It makes too much sense *NOT* to happen in 2012.  Gorillaz is done, Graham's got his newest album ready for release (whenever that'll be), Alex is still a cheesemaking farmer, and Dave is still involved with politics and running for MP as it pops up in London.

 Something new from Blur in 2012 would just feel *right*, in my opinion...

(Did anyone else cringe when Alex made the "getting the Blues Brothers back together" analogy?)

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