Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Son of the Top Blur Moments on Record

This third installment will focus on Alex James, bass player, former party animal, and current husband/dad-of-5/farmer/author of Blur. Alex is a great bass player, functioning in much the same way as Andy Rourke did in The Smiths, playing more of a countermelody to Graham's guitar parts than just holding down the root notes for each chord. Some of his basslines *make* the song...as an analogy, think more John Entwistle and less whatever the name of the guy in Oasis was.

My top 10 Alex moments on record:

1. Trouble in the Message Centre
2. Entertain Me
3. Girls and Boys
4. Popscene
5. Colin Zeal
6. Beetlebum
7. Bugman
8. Morricone
9. Bang
10. He Thought of Cars

(honorable mention: This is a Low, There's No Other Way, Pressure on Julian, Stereotypes, Essex Dogs, All We Want, and many more)

What are yours?


  1. 1. ambulance
    2. Entertain me
    3. girls and boys
    4. bugman
    5. beetlebum
    6. Brothers and sisters
    7. music is my radar
    8. colin zeal
    9. popscene
    10. topman

  2. broadly agree with your list, would probably add people in europe and song 2, as the overriding sound on the chorus is the bass, though it's often mistaken for the guitar... I'll think on it

  3. Good point on Song 2...the choruses *are* the bass!

  4. Badhead and Es Schmetch!