Friday, August 19, 2011

Top Blur Moments on Record

In addition to Blur's live stuff, I like to talk about their studio stuff from time to time on here because, let's face it: a) it's great, and b) without the studio stuff, there would be no live stuff in the first place! I was thinking lately that it might be interesting to try and choose the top 10 moments on record for each member of the band, being that they are all incredible and unique talents in their own right and that their meshing together in this band is a perfect blend. Like all great bands, the whole is definitely greater than the sum of its parts. And let me add that it will be impossible for me (and I assume any other Blur fan who visits here) to choose *just* 10 moments for each member. Personally, these will be the top 10 I'm thinking of and that I'm enjoying AT THIS certainly can and will change in the future.

So first up...Damon Albarn!

For those new here who may not know much about Blur, Damon is the lead singer, keyboardist, acoustic guitarist, and songwriter in Blur. This list will focus on his lead vocals, since that is his main "instrument" played within the band.

My top 10 Damon Albarn moments on record:

1. "The Universal"
2. "This is a Low"
3. "All We Want"
4. "Tender"
5. "Beetlebum"
6. "Ambulance"
7. "Battery in Your Leg"
8. "Popscene"
9. "For Tomorrow"
10. "Black Book"

What are yours?


  1. Mine:

    1. Caramel
    2. Caravan
    3. Battle
    4. Trimm Trab
    5. For Tomorrow
    6. The Universal

    These ARE NOT my blur favs, but I think there are the best Damon moments on Record!
    7. Battery in your Leg
    8. Bros and Sis (GAWD!)
    9. Blue Jeans
    10. Tender

  2. Interesting choice of Caramel...that's a song a LOT of fellow Blur fans seem to love, but to me, while I appreciate it as them expanding their horizons and trying something new (and I *do* enjoy listening to it), it's, IMO, the weakest track on 13 and one I don't "get" as much as other fans. To me, Battle is the far superior soundscape collage track on 13, and it's more of a song as well. That includes Damon's vocals, which I think are much more intense and directed than in Caramel. But that's just me! :-)

  3. 1. The Universal
    2. Beetlebum
    3. Tender
    4. Out Of Time
    5. This Is A Low
    6. Resigned
    7. Trouble In The Message Center
    8. To The End
    9. Death Of A Party
    10. No Distance Left To Run

    3. OUT OF TIME
    4. The Universal
    5. This is a low
    6. Trimm trabb
    7. Blue jeans
    8. He Thought Of Cars
    9. Caravan
    10. Caramel