Tuesday, February 1, 2011

I Need *YOU*

(SPECIAL THANKS to my friend Michael C. for customizing the above photo for me!)

I'm hard at work on the manuscript for the expanded next version of the book and working hard at getting a proper publisher. In the meantime, I'm awaiting a couple more batches of recordings from friends, but I'm always in need of more material to make the book and entire archiving project as detailed and complete as possible.

Everyone who reads this blog, the Facebook or Twitter pages, or my book, and has contacted me to donate recordings, ticket scans, etc, has been incredible and I appreciate and thank you for your kindness and generosity with the utmost in wholehearted sincerity.

With that being said, I'm making one last push over the next few months to compile as much as I can before I begin really flogging this around to different publishers (some of whom have already expressed interest). So...

...if you have ANY live recordings (see list below) that are on the list, or even if they aren't, and would be willing to donate/trade a copy to me for inclusion in the book, please contact me, it would be HUGELY appreciated. Some of these I am awaiting copies of, but the rest I'm still trying to get a hold of.

The same goes for any scans of ticket stubs to Blur concerts you've attended.

Your name will go in the back of the book on a special "THANK YOU" section that already has loads of names on it.

The list of KNOWN recordings (if you have these or any other, please contact me):

3/30/90 Falcon, Camden, London
5/16/90 Sir George Robey, London
5/19/93 Dolce Vita, Lausanne, Switzerland
5/23/93 Washington Heights, Reading
5/29/93 University, Manchester
8/7/93 Estádio José Bento Pessoa, Figueira da Foz, Portugal
11/3/93 Dynamo, Zurich, Switzerland
4/24/94 Casemates, Mons, Belgium
5/16/94 Plaza, Glasgow
5/23/94 Event Centre, Brighton, England
5/24/94 University, Reading, England
6/25/94 Old Trout, Windsor. England
7/9/94 Lummen Festival, Belgium
7/30/94 T in the Park Festival, Scotland
9/19/94 Masquerade, Atlanta
9/24/94 The Palace, Los Angeles
9/25/94 The Fillmore, San Francisco
7/7/95 Les Eurockeenes Festival, Belfort, France
10/25/94 La Bataclan, Paris, France
11/1/94 Christiana, Copenhagen, Denmark
6/10/95 Sonoria Festival, Milan, Italy
10/3/95 Metro, Chicago
11/9/95 NHK Hall, Tokyo, Japan
11/28/95 SECC, Glasgow, Scotland
12/11/95 SECC, Glasgow, Scotland
1/26/96 Moe’s, Seattle
2/26/96 Aqualung, Madrid (full show)
3/13/96 Teatro Tenda, Florence, Italy
3/18/96 Capitol, Hannover, Germany
1/27/97 Town and Country Club, Leeds, England
2/15/97 Divan du Monde, Paris, France
4/10/97 Grosse Freiheit, Hamburg, Germany
4/11/97 Arena, Berlin, Germany
5/14/97 Sports Hall, Cesena, Italy
5/26/97 Budokan, Tokyo, Japan
6/10/97 Electric Factory, Philadelphia
6/18/97 Showbox, Seattle
6/22/97 Ogden Theatre, Denver
6/26/97 Riviera, Chicago
6/27/97 Clutch Cargos, Detroit
8/8/97 Sudoeste Festival, Herdade da Casa Branca, Odemira, Portugal
8/14/97 Water Festival, Sweden
9/13/97 Orpheum, Boston (w/soundcheck)
10/14/97 County Bowl, Santa Barbara, California
11/8/97 MBK Hall, Bangkok
1/30/99 Depot Studios, London
3/30/99 Roseland Ballroom, NYC
4/1/99 Mayan Theatre, LA
6/20/99 Heineken Music Festival, Imola, Italy
7/31/99 Fuji Rock Festival, Japan (full show)
8/26/99 Goldsmiths College, London
11/18/99 Metrolpolitan Theatre, Mexico City (full show)
11/21/99 Credit Card Hall, Sao Paulo, Brazil (full show)
11/23/99 Metropolitan, Rio De Janeiro, Brazil
6/16/03 Wiltern Theatre, Los Angeles
6/19/03 Roseland Theatre, Portland
6/20/03 Showbox, Seattle
6/21/03 Vogue Theatre, Vancouver, Canada
7/23/03 Metropolis, Montreal, Canada
7/24/03 Theatre of the Living Arts, Philadelphia
7/26/03 Tabernacle, Atlanta
10/13/03 Circus, Stockholm (full show)
11/9/03 Gasometer, Vienna, Austria
11/22/03 Barrowlands, Glasow
7/12/09 T in the Park Festival, Scotland (full show)

Any correspondence with me will be kept confidential, and again, beforehand, I offer everyone a big...



  1. Milwaukee...Must hear Milwaukee...

  2. I have been to over 30 blur concerts in the UK so will dig the tickets out... might not be until the end of March - is that too late?

  3. @Ian, I wish! Never heard of the existence of a tape of that, doesn't mean it doesn't exist, though.

    @Susie, nope, that's not too late. I still have quite a bit of work to do on it, manuscript won't be finished until ~September or so (at least that's what I'm shooting for as far as a deadline). Much appreciated in advance!

  4. I go to the Rave on a regular basis to catch some cool shows. Being amazed that they made a stop through my city (!), I contacted the venue to ask if they had any posters or pictures or ANYTHING from that show. They didn't say yes or no, just that it'd be difficult. I'll be crossing my fingers for a while!

  5. Cool! Let me know if you come up with anything, and I'll do likewise if I ever come across a tape of that show.

  6. Oops, just checked and it looks like Blur was in Minneapolis that night, not Milwaukee...must investigate this Milwaukee date now...

  7. I Have the one from Argentina '99!

  8. it would be amazing if you upload the mexico one U.U