Tuesday, February 9, 2010

TOUR REVIEW: Latin and South America Tour of 1999

In November 1999, Blur undertook a short tour of Latin and South America, territories they had never played in before (and never would again). I remember hearing about this at the time and being excited they were going somewhere off the beaten path for a top British rock band. The tour dates and venues are below (those in bold font indicate that recordings are available):

November 1999:

18th - Metropolitan Theatre, Mexico City, Mexico
21st - Creditcard Hall, Sao Paulo, Brazil
23rd - Metropolitan, Rio De Janeiro, Brazil
26th - Luna Park, Buenos Aires, Argentina
27th - Luna Park, Buenos Aires, Argentina

The typical set list is below:

Coffee & TV
End Of A Century
On Your Own
Trimm Trabb
No Distance Left To Run
The Universal
Girls & Boys
Country House
There's No Other Way
This Is A Low
Song 2

The interesting things, when looking at the set list, are that they brought back Stereotypes, which was a welcome addition, as well as Country House! Also, since the set lists were a mix of material (as opposed to playing all of the 13 album in order) gave the concerts toward the end of 1999 better flow. Another thing to notice is the rapturous response from the crowd, which borders on bedlam. Clearly, they were happy to have Blur there and embraced them completely. Luckily all three recordings we have are from the soundboard, so you can hear them in excellent quality.

The only complete recording from this tour is the final show, in Argentina. Fragments of the Mexico City and Sao Paulo shows exist as well. It is known that the Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro shows were films and presumably recorded in their entireties, tapes of those shows must exist. Additionally, a taper contacted me back in 1999 offering a copy of the Rio show in a trade. Of course, I sent my stuff and never heard from him again, but I'm sure of its existence. If anyone out there has copies of any of the Sao Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, or first Argentina shows, please contact me privately.

For anyone out there who was at any of these shows, how about sharing some thoughts and memories with us?


  1. I always find it funny that a lot of bands with HUGE followings in Latin America never go. Is it a lack of venues or something? When I learned that Rush's fist performances EVER in Brazil were in 2002 (I think....), I was stunned. This isn't some podunk part of the world we're talking about.

    Either way, these shows look cool--great setlists!

  2. I agree, there are a LOT of music fans there, and even though a lot of consists of Third World countries, there are loads of places where people have money and desire to see big bands! Yeah these shows are great, I can give you some recordings next time I see you if you want?

  3. Venues are the same as good as any other country,
    I agree, there are tons of fans over here, cool note of (and never would again) saddly it is true, nevermind.
    I think Country House wasn't played in Mexico,
    I wait the Mexico recording :D


  4. I'll try to get the Mexico show up next week...it's only the first few songs but it's nice to listen to. On the Sao Paulo recording, Damon even mentions he got ill from some food in Mexico!

  5. Cracking show in Luna Park, my aunt was there. Sometimes im glad to be an Argie just because of Football and our crowd.